I am RPG Queen

Welcome to my introduction on my custom Neocities website. I am a solo game designer, which means that my skills encompass art, writing, music and programming (although I don't really know how to program since I use higher level programs for game design). I'm also very knowledgeable about why and how I approach each facet of my creative passions. My view on art is that it gets better the longer you can work on one piece, however, it is necessary to draw as many things as possible to really release your artist spirit. With music, I think that minimalism and clear melodies are key, but I also hope to throw some kind of experimental ideas in there. The music I would love to compose is cute sounding stuff as well as very dramatic songs with lots of long notes. I listen to lots of old RPG music and such too so I would like to capture those sounds as well. In writing, I believe almost entirely in strong topics and unique ways of represent common information, but I do have some good fundamentals on writing properly when I want to.

My main interests in both art and life are nature, LGBTQIA+, social justice, fat people, yandere, unexplored simple ideas and nutrition that doesn't shy away from spices and herbs and focuses on other special methods, gynarchy (non-TERF) and lastly, farming much the same as my nutrition (involving permaculture and natural farming). Yandere and fat characters are something very near and dear to my heart and they are very misunderstood and commonly accepted to be shown in a very warped way. Yandere are not killers and fat people are not inherently unhealthy. Making art of fat people isn't a fetish and fat doesn't really qualify as a fetish since it is basically the same as liking someone's breasts or feet. The World Health Organization increased the toxicity around fat people, making it seem righteous and now we come to the days when they can also label gaming a mental disorder before they start aiming for cell phones and social media. Also, I think gaming is actually a very productive thing to do. It is essentially experimenting with your thoughts and can teach you lots of things you would need more money and different circumstances to experience otherwise.

There are two servers that really help me grow. One is Chubnet, which is just as much about fat art as it is fat experiences and sympathy and love for fat people with disproving the myths that even fat people believe in their low self esteem and constant torment from the outside world. The second server is Quest Request which is a server that does not put pressures on workers to advertise their skill, but instead puts it on requesters to leave jobs. It is meant to resemble an RPG quest system.

Well, that is me. Hope you enjoy me.