These are the private devlogs for my works in progress.

Magical Girl Castle

1/27/2018 - Made a new character design. Has no name or abilities yet. Part of the Androheim team or maybe the anti-Magical Girls.

1/31/2018 - Made a new character design as well as making the walking sprites for three characters in one day! (This is about 300% faster work than I have ever done previously, which means my new technique is failproof.)

2/27/2018 - Uh, haven't updated in a while because my Internet connection fails so often. I did a lot of work on the game, most importantly designing just about all of the antagonists and then I also did some work on a new map tilesheet. Finally, I did a lot of work on battle skill/spell animations, but I didn't test any of them... For the past few days I was working on a random piece of art that just looked too good to leave unfinished, but I think I should start working more on this game tomorrow.

Fat Chasm

1/27/2018 - Made the decision to focus more on project while working on Magical Girl Castle due to the need to learn a new engine.

Jhale's Gynarchy

[Follows after completion of Magical Girl Castle.]